A New Era of Compassionate Debt Collection: A Glimpse into the Future.

debt collection - helping to detect vulnerability

DebtCo is forging ahead with its debt collection services with an eye towards empathy and empowerment, following the definition offered by the Financial Conduct Authority of what makes an ‘vulnerable consumer’; that being someone susceptible to detriment due to inadequate care from firms. Our holistic view recognises that vulnerability is more than an individual issue,…

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Everything You Should Know About Digital Debt Collection

Digital Debt Collection

In an increasingly digitised world, even traditional sectors like debt collection are evolving. Digital debt collection, a relatively new concept, is transforming how businesses recover outstanding debts. This process not only streamlines collection efforts but also offers more empathetic approaches to individuals in debt.  In this blog post, we delve into the world of digital…

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How chatbots and automation supports debt collection

AI debt collections

Can you believe that the very first chatbot was created in 1966? This makes the technology older than the internet. Admittedly it did take many years to flourish however it was not until 2016 when Facebook allowed developers to place chatbots on Messenger that we saw a turnaround in the use of this technology.  …

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How Tech And Automation Support Debt Collection At Scale

DebtCo scalable debt collections

Technology is transforming how everything works in the modern world. Most Fintech industries, like lending and payments, have embraced these changes for quite some time. However, the debt collection industry lagged ‌in terms of technological advancements. With the onset of the pandemic, digital mediums became indispensable. The debt collection industry also caught up on the…

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