DebtCo UK Solutions Ltd and Taurus Collections (UK) Ltd Announce Strategic Merger

Learn about how DebtCo UK and Taurus Collections mergers to offer expanded debt collection services

DebtCo UK Solutions Limited and Taurus Collections (UK) Ltd Collections Limited have announced a breakthrough for the UK’s financial services industry by joining forces. Their merger ushers in an era of innovative debt management, uniting DebtCo’s leading technology with Taurus’s vast experience in resolving large debt cases to form one formidable force within the debt…

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A New Era of Compassionate Debt Collection: A Glimpse into the Future.

debt collection - helping to detect vulnerability

DebtCo is forging ahead with its debt collection services with an eye towards empathy and empowerment, following the definition offered by the Financial Conduct Authority of what makes an ‘vulnerable consumer’; that being someone susceptible to detriment due to inadequate care from firms. Our holistic view recognises that vulnerability is more than an individual issue,…

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DebtCo & Taurus Collections Announce Partnership

DebtCo & Taurus announce strategic debt collection partnership

The world of debt collection has long been plagued by inefficiencies and outdated practices. However, the industry is finally experiencing a transformation, as leading companies DebtCo UK, a digital debt collections agency, and Taurus Collections announce a strategic partnership to offer innovative debt collection services across the UK and Ireland. This collaboration promises groundbreaking solutions,…

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Taking on a $5 billion market: Collections Software Startup DebtCo raises €750k early-stage investment.

21 January 2022   Rijswijk based DebtCo raised €750k in early-stage investment from several investors. Automating collections activities: DebtCo’s data driven platform CollectIC, helps companies to get their unpaid invoices paid faster, waste less time on manual activities and provides a better payment experience for their clients. Endless Use cases: Less than a year since…

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Why am I reimagining (re)collections

For many years I have seen how specialized companies have perfected the ability to work together in perfect harmony to obtain the best result possible. With the focus being on the customer experience, they ensure that value is added during the entire process and the customer walks away happy. At our commercial call center, we…

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Innovation motivated by opportunity

Since leaving Altares Dun & Bradstreet a great many people have asked what my next adventure will be. Would I remain in the world of data? Take up a role in digital marketing? Or do something completely different! Having spent 12 years in the business information world, I quickly saw the advances of technology and…

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