DebtCo UK Solutions Ltd and Taurus Collections (UK) Ltd Announce Strategic Merger

DebtCo UK Solutions Limited and Taurus Collections (UK) Ltd Collections Limited have announced a breakthrough for the UK's financial services industry by joining forces. Their merger ushers in an era of innovative debt management, uniting DebtCo's leading technology with Taurus's vast experience in resolving large debt cases to form one formidable force within the debt recovery landscape, offering services with innovative practices supported by experience.

Debt Recovery Is Entering a New Era

Taurus DebtCo UK Group will use DebtCo's cutting-edge collections platform FinView, along with Taurus's legal and negotiation skills, for enhanced debt recovery solutions that encompass both high-volume case management and sophisticated debt recovery strategies. The merger aims to boost service offerings, providing both volume case management and sophisticated debt recovery options under one umbrella.


The merger will also embrace the power of AI with DebtCo’s collections system, FinView, which allows customers to use an app to manage their accounts and set up repayments.


Its intelligent digital debt collections platform, FinView, helps improve recovery rates while maintaining client relationships. It also makes debt recovery simpler with user-friendly software that accelerates invoice settlement while decreasing manual effort.


"We are excited to join Taurus Collections," stated Darren Tebbitt, Director of DebtCo UK Solutions. "This merger represents an ideal strategic fit; providing our clients with comprehensive suite of services while setting new standards in the debt recovery industry through combined technological and sector expertise."


Karl Baker, Director of Taurus UK Collections and the new Managing Director for the new group, echoes these thoughts: "Taurus and DebtCo's partnership offers unrivalled debt recovery capabilities. Through our shared commitment to excellence and innovation, our clients will receive unsurpassed support and service."

Vision for the Future

Taurus DebtCo Group is committed to reinventing debt recovery experiences for clients across all UK industries. By seamlessly integrating our operations, our empathetic and efficient debt management approach will cement our position as market leaders, as well as advocates of responsible recovery practices.

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