AI debt collections What is it and how does it help improve your debt collection results?

Artificial intelligence is a collection super weapon. At the heart of all DebtCo's debt collection services is our FinView platform. An intelligent collections platform that brings together the best of what AI can offer. Helping us to automate large parts of our collections strategies which reduces time and effort while increasing repayment rates.

Check out how our AI debt collections platform can help your business.

AI debt collections that delivers you results

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems. With large volumes of data, AI enables those processes to be handled at scale.

At DebtCo, we use ai debt collection processes with all our collection strategies. Whether you have high volume debt collections for business or consumer, our intelligent collections platform enables us to deliver value on a whole new level.

It improves the communciations

We improve the quality of communication via our conversational AI. Our chatbots and virtual assistants provide tailored, multi-lingual communications. Meaning we can scale your outreach without losing that human touch.

AI optimises the customer experience

Our dynamic workflows means we can tailor the tone of voice based on different elements. From the age of your client to where they live, ai debt collections enables us to deliver a more sophisticated and personable user experience.

Increases the repayment rates

The majority of companies struggle with losses due to unpaid invoices. By using intelligence at the heart of the collections process, we are able to operate at scale offering personal and self serving payment programs. All of which drives your recovery rates up.

And can all be done at a competitive fee.

Ultimately using AI means we can automate large parts of the collection strategy. Together with the power of mobile technology, we see a +75% reduction in manual activity. Meaning we can offer a far better recovery fee when using our ai debt collection service.

We take your data and make it more productive with our intelligent digital collections platform

At DebtCo we take your data and literally bring it to life. Our automated process constantly evaluates the data we have, determines the chance of successfully recovering the amount owed to you and automatically searches for new information across thousands of public sources.

Managing your data

No matter the volume or format, we learn how your data is structured so as to automate the process of importing for the future. Making the process easy for you.

The golden record

Digital debt collections drives results with good quality data. Our data matching algorithms ensures that we do not have duplicates in our database. 

Keeping it clean

Our collections platform is constantly learning how to improve the data. We use global verification tools to ensure contact data is good enough to use.

Debtor tracing

If our system determines that the data you sent is not contactable, our ai debt collections engine automatically searches for more from thousands of public sources.

Meet Viva, our conversational AI

The DebtCo conversational AI is a form of artificial intelligence in which the computer (so our chatbot called Viva) has an appropriate and thoughtful answer to the questions your clients raise. Whether they want to create a payment plan or raise a dispute, our chatbot is designed to have a normal and organic social interaction with your customers.

With our ai debt collections and multi-lingual chatbots, automating the collections service is a breeze.


From the moment the bot is triggered, our ai collections flow kicks in. Immediately engaging your client in a friendly and respectful way.


We lead your clients with recommended solutions and guidance. From using our mobile app to setting up their own payment plan.


The self-learning ability of our chatbot means when a question is asked which the bot does not recognise, it will learn this for the future.


Ultimately the outcome our ai collections service provides is to convert the user into a payment schedule and case resolution.

Charlie - conversational AI bot

GDPR compliance and data security

AI debt collections uses vasts amount of data to deliver you the results. Your data is completely safe as we are fully complaint with GDPR regulations. Maintaining strict security and privacy requirements is our top priority, as a result we are trusted by industry leaders with our digital debt collections service.


Our perspectives on AI debt collections and technology

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