Technology that delivers unbeatable digital debt collection services

So what is a digital debt collection agency and how does it work?

As a leading digital debt collections agency, we have developed our own platform that uses different technologies to help us to reconnect you with your clients. Once contact is established, we provide digital solutions that empowers your customer to take control on their cases which ultimately improves your recovery rates.

Intelligent Technology Positive Digital Experiences

We have developed our own software that is focused on delivering positive digital experience's to your customers. Replacing the traditional methods of communications that threaten your clients into paying, we provide solutions that empower your clients to take control over their finances.

Establishing Contact

Our FinView platform is focused on helping us to re-establish contact with your clients.

By understanding the profile of your client base, the intelligent workflows will use machine learning to know what the right channel is and at what time is best to reach out.

We already have learnt more than 26000 collection strategies that helps us to increase your engagement that in turn successfully resolves your cases.

Empowering to take control

Consumers today are demanding more digital solutions. From home management, online shopping to managing finances, people today like to be in total control to do things themselves.

We designed FinView to give just that to your clients. An app that is available to download from the app store or to access via any website, your clients are able to view their case, make an instant payment, create a payment plan or ask us a question.

Whenever and wherever they want!

Learning & Evolving

Artificial intelligence is a debt collection super weapon. At the heart of our collection software is our intelligent engine and conversational AI. FinView brings together the best technology that helps us to automate data handling to deliver conversational bots that helps your clients find a solution.

The result is we spend less time on manual tasks and more time helping you to improve your recovery rates.

Check out how our AI debt collections platform can help your business.

Data Insights

We at DebtCo hate excel and external insights tools. Thats why we built our own insights tool which helps us to spot everyday opportunities to increase your collection performance.

Our customer insights helps us to identify outliers in the data, as well as identify tweaks we can make in our communication flows. All performance metrics are tracked in one view giving you complete insight on how we are helping to recover your rates faster.

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