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DebtCo's comprehensive small business debt recovery services can help businesses move past any financial difficulty quickly and successfully. Our small business debt collection team will not only pursue unpaid invoices on behalf of the business but also engage customers in a collaborative manner in order to resolve any issues before legal action is taken. Do you have invoices that are unpaid and no matter what you do, you are unable to have contact with your client?

Well you are not alone! This is a common issue that companies of all shales and sizes face. From global enterprise business to the local SME, unpaid invoices is a challenge and we at DebtCo are here to help.

If you need a reliable small business debt collection agency in the UK, then look no further. Our no-win, no-fee small business debt collection service helps you not only recover the amounts owed to you but also helps you to re-establish contact with your client.

How can our small business debt collection service help you?

DebtCo is a small business debt collection agency servicing London, as well as the Netherlands and the UK. We specialize in helping small businesses recover their debts quickly and effectively. Our experienced team of professionals are here to provide you with tailored solutions for your particular debt collection needs. With our wide range of services and expertise, we can provide a comprehensive debt collection solution for small businesses. Our service uses the CollectIC digital debt collection platform, which provides a highly specialised and automated debt recovery service specific to your business.

DebtCo is a leading small business debt collection agency in London, as well as the Netherlands and the UK. Our experienced staff are dedicated to helping businesses quickly recoup their money while maintaining a professional relationship with their clients. Through our effective and efficient processes, we ensure that businesses get the money they are owed quickly and easily. With our collaborative approach and advanced technologies, we guarantee fast turnaround times for debt collection, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities. Most small business need to focus on driving growth with the confidence that their invoices will be paid. We at DebtCo provide that unique debt collection for the business experience that protects your brand and ensures your invoices get paid.

No win, no fee

We will never ask a fee up front from you. Only when we have successfully recovered the amount owed to you do we send you an invoice and then set our fee off.

Cost effective

Our platform has automated 80% of the traditional debt collections process. As a result, we are able to pass that financial benefit on to you with a competitive collections fee no matter how big or small the case is.

Completely digital

Our CollectIC platform provides the complete digital experience. From digital payments, multi-channel communications to our own mobile solution FinView. We take care of everything.

Brand protected

Our digital approach guarantees to protect your brand. We work with you to ensure the messaging is consistent and never use threatening techniques to resolve a case.

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How do I get started with a small business debt collection agency?

We try everything to make the onboarding process as easy as possible. After the digital agreement is signed, the below process kicks off.

  • Get access to our digital collections platform CollectIC

    Our team will send you an email that gives you access to our CollectIC collections platform. You will need to add your password as well as setup your 2 Factor authentication.

  • Send us your SME debt collection cases

    You can now upload your small business debt collection cases direct to us. Either via a file upload direct to CollectIC or by using the form below.

  • We define the collections strategy

    CollectIC automatically applies the intelligent collections strategy to each of your SME debt collection cases.

  • The communications kick off

    Once the strategy is defined, our engines go through the motions of establishing contact with your client. Once contact is established, your client is empowered to manage the case themselves via our FinView app.

  • Track our progress

    You can track the progress we make on your SME debt collection cases by logging into the CollectIC portal.

I only have one case? Can I send it to you?

DebtCo is a trusted small debt collection agency in the UK that specializes in tailored solutions for businesses facing challenges with debt recovery. We understand the unique needs of smaller enterprises and offer efficient small debt collection services. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you reclaim what's rightfully yours while preserving business relationships. If you have one or a small number of cases and want us to get going quickly, then you can simply send them to us via the form below. We will ask you a series of questions that will help us get the information we need to get the SME collections process going.

DebtCo specializes in professional business debt collection services in London. With a dedicated team and a wealth of experience, we're committed to helping businesses recover outstanding debts efficiently and ethically. Click the link below to get started, it takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

2022 Case Upload

First we need to know a little about who you are

Please tell us your name?
Please tell us your name?
Is the debt owed to a business or you personally?

Then please tell us about your business

Leave blank if you do not have it.
We need this to find your terms and conditions, or to point the person/business who owes you money to
What type of debt is this?

ok. Now we need to know the details of the debt owed to you

We use the customer reference in our communications with you
What is the name of the contact person?
What is the name of the contact person?
Is there more than one invoice?
In the event in which you have more than one invoice, we will have contact with you

ok. Now we need to know the details of the debt owed to you

What is the name of the person that owes you?
What is the name of the person that owes you?
Pleaase specify the Gender?
Is there more than one invoice?
In the event in which you have more than one invoice, please attach them all when we request the documents

Maximum file size: 516MB

Copies of contracts, court judgements and invoices are all helpful.

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Real-time insights

Tracking our progress on your consumer debt collection cases is made easy via the all new FinView Customer portal. We already mentioned you can upload new cases to us however in addition, you can see the events on each case as well as personal updates from our specialists. Finally, you can also access the invoices between you and us.

Check out some of the frequently asked questions regarding our small business debt recovery & collection services.

When we started DebtCo, we quickly identified that the industry needed to be disrupted. The result was that we developed our own platform called CollectIC. This is a digital collections platform that uses technology combined with mobile apps to deliver digital experiences to companies and individuals in financial stress. The result has seen a +40% recovery improvement for our SME clients.

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