Struggling with unpaid gym memberships?

The biggest challenge faced by gym owners is ensuring their clients pay their gym membership fees. It is believed that over 90% of new memberships go unused within the first 3 months with many clients simply stopping their payments with no communication.

We recognise this issue and have come up with a solution that can help you to boost your cash flow.

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The impact of unpaid gym memberships

After Christmas and New Year it is always a busy period for gym and fitness centers. With so many people looking to deliver on their new years resolution to get fitter, gym membership numbers spike dramatically in the first days of the new year.

However research shows that 90% of new memberships go unused within the first 3 months. The knock on effect is consumers who stop using the gym simply stop paying. For gym owners who run their locations based on the volume of members this becomes a significant challenge to manage.

We at DebtCo recognised this challenge and so came up with a two phased solution specific for gym owners.

Gym membership reactivation 80% success rate | Resolved in 7 days

There can be many reasons why consumers stop paying their memberships. From having medical issues, moving to another area to legitimate financial challenges. Every case is unique and more often or not, situations can be resolved through communication.

Our gym membership reactivation service is all about establishing contact with your client and re-opening the line of communication. We offer the chance for them to sign back up at no extra cost. We also help to resolve cases where there is a plausible reason why they stopped - such as a medical condition confirmed by a doctor.

Our gym membership service is all about offering the chance for the consumer to resolve this before it escalates. We understand the importance of your brand and so our communications are empowering and focused on positive solution. The process to get started is simple:

Send us the case

Simply send us the membership details either via your portal or use the contact form below which takes less than a minute to complete.

We communicate

We handle all the communications with your client on your behalf, no matter what channel they prefer. We also provide digital payment solutions at no extra cost to you.

Your case resolved

The goal is to get everyone signed back up. It's good for you and them. We ensure that the communication between you and them is restored so for the future your in control.

Unpaid membership debt collections

At all times we try to avoid cases escalating to being debt collections. However there are consumers who try to avoid their responsibilities in paying what is owed to you.

In the event in which step 1 is not successful and the consumer is refusing to pay or ghosting us, we pass this to our digital debt collections process. Here we use advanced technologies to establish contact and recover the remaining full amount of the membership to you.

Skip tracing

We use our Ai debt collections to help find consumers who are difficult to find or do not want to be found. This technology is called skip tracing and is commonly used in the digital debt collections services.

We empower

Once we find the debtor, we empower them to take control using our mobile app FinView. From making payments to creating their own payment plan, they can manage the case without even speaking to an agent.

No Win No Fee

Recovering debt owed to you can be a timely and costly process. We provide a no win no fee service meaning we only take our fee when we have successfully collected the debt owed to you.

Testimonial Learn how Oliver Joseph Fitness adopted our digital gym membership recovery solution

Get started today by sending us your first case.

We can understand that engaging with a debt collection company can have an impact on your brand. However our digital approach is all about providing support to those individuals in financial stress. At all times we protect your brand with encouraging and empowering communications.

To see how we can deliver you success, send us case and let us prove to you we can deliver you results. The form below takes less than a minute to complete and our service is a no win no fee.

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Frequently asked Questions

1, Gym membership reactivation:

We offer a two-week window for gym members to reactivate their lapsed memberships, aiming to prevent the case from advancing to debt collections.

For assisting with this reactivation, we charge a fee equivalent to 18% of the gym member's monthly fee.

Following a successful reactivation and a month after they have signed back up, if the member continues to make their monthly payment on time, an additional charge of 18% of the monthly gym membership fee will be applied. 

Once the subsequent payment is successfully received, the case will be considered closed.


2, Membership Collections:

If a member fails to reactivate and their account transitions to our Membership Collections Process, we will add additional costs and interest to the outstanding amount.

Our fee for this service will be 18% of the total membership agreement amount.

All added costs and interest will be split equally (50/50) between DebtCo and you.


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