Quick and Easy Online Debt Collection Services

Do you have a one-off case and require our support to help you recover it?

The DebtCo Online Debt Collection service provides a quick and efficient service to help you handle an amount that is owed to you. Whether you are a business or an individual, we offer a one-off service that uses our ai debt collections platform to help you get paid.

There is no need to sign up to long term contracts, simply fill the form in below and we can put our digital debt collections platform to work for you. DebtCo is a debt collection service provider in the UK, with a mission to help debtors recover debt payments as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Who is DebtCo?

We are an international digital debt collections agency. Through the use of our intelligent collections software, we provide debt collector services that helps companies and individuals get the money that is owed to them.

Our process is different to the traditional collection agencies. We use technology to help us get in touch with debtors and then offer them solutions that helps them to resolve their debts.

If you have someone that owes you money we can help to recover this.

How do I get started?

We designed the process to be as simple as possible.

Fill in the below form

We need information on who you are, the case you want us to handle for you and the contact information you have that helps us get started.

Case review

One of our specialists will contact you to understand how the case ended up not being paid. We may ask for additional information such as communications that helps us build a case.

Access to FinView

We provide you access to our FinView software. From here you can keep track on our progress with your specific collections strategy.

Watch the result

As and when we receive payments, we immediately transfer this to you exclusive our fee. One off payments or payment plans, the process is the same.

Send us your case

Complete the form below with the case you would like us to handle. Be sure to give us as much data as possible, this increases the chance of a successful debt collections result.

2022 Case Upload

First we need to know a little about who you are

Please tell us your name?
Please tell us your name?
Is the debt owed to a business or you personally?

Then please tell us about your business

Leave blank if you do not have it.
We need this to find your terms and conditions, or to point the person/business who owes you money to
What type of debt is this?

ok. Now we need to know the details of the debt owed to you

We use the customer reference in our communications with you
What is the name of the contact person?
What is the name of the contact person?
Is there more than one invoice?
In the event in which you have more than one invoice, we will have contact with you

ok. Now we need to know the details of the debt owed to you

What is the name of the person that owes you?
What is the name of the person that owes you?
Pleaase specify the Gender?
Is there more than one invoice?
In the event in which you have more than one invoice, please attach them all when we request the documents

Maximum file size: 516MB

Copies of contracts, court judgements and invoices are all helpful.

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FAQs Related to Online Debt Collection Services

Still have some questions on what our Online Debt Collections service is all about? Below we try to answer as many as we can for you.

Every debt collection case is different. After you have sent the details of the case to us, one of our online debt collection specialists will have contact with you to better understand the situation.

With that said, we tend to charge a collections fee of 20% on a no win no fee basis.

Send us your case or get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you.

Get in touch

If you still have questions about how we can help you with your one off debt collections case then click the link below and one of our specialists will get in touch.