Skip tracing - a fully automated data enrichment API that traces new contact data on your clients.

Significantly increasing the chance of us establishing contact!

At the heart of the CollectIC platform is our debtor tracing service. A unique forensic technology that enables us to trace new data on your untraceable, defaulting clients. As soon as our platform identifies the contact data you have is non-responsive or invalid, CollectIC gets to work looking for new information from the many different public sources available.

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What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is a process that is used to finding someone who is difficult to find or, and quite often the case, may not want to be found. With more and more people skipping on payments, the individuals (or companies) resort to ghosting or blocking your email or telephone number. Skip tracing is a valuable tool that helps to find new contact data on the debtor so you can hold them responsible for paying their debt.

What does skip tracing do exactly?

Skip tracing in debt collection is all about identifying new contact data and then verifying it. A robust and GDPR compliant skip tracing process can help you save time and money. At DebtCo, we have developed our own forensic skip tracing technology that is fully automated and triggered by our AI debt collections service. All of which delivers you some amazing benefits;

Completly scalable

From one to thousands of cases, our debtor tracing service can handle any volume in seconds with no human interaction.

It's super fast

Speed is everything. Enriching a case takes milliseconds and not days meaning we can deliver you collection results faster.

GDPR compliant

We only use public source information to help us find new data from address, emails to some times contact phone numbers.

Better results

At the end of the day, the CollectIC automated debtor tracing solution helps improve recovery rates on any portfolio!

So how does it work?

Our Online Skip-Tracing brings together the very best top-tier technology used by law enforcement agencies to find new public contact data on people and business, worldwide!

We push the untraceable profiles to our Skip Tracing robot.

Once CollectIC has identified that contact data on your debtor is either non responsive or invalid, the machine immediately sends this digitally to our skip tracing engine to look for new contact information on your debtors.

We crawl for new contact details

The artificial intelligence immediately kicks in and searches for new contact data via the public sources (both current and historical). We do not look for data in places we are not allowed to.

DebtCo quality check process

Upon receiving the results in CollectIC, we filter and apply intelligent matching logic to ensure we have the cleanest data set. We are constantly tweaking the engines to improve our output performance.

Profile enriched, workflow automatically begins

Once the profile has been enriched with the quality checked contact data, our workflows automatically kick off the conversations that will help us to establish contact and recover the money owed to you.

What is our performance?

Since we launched this service a year ago, we have seen a significant lift on new contact points especially on collection cases that are older than 18 months!




Rest of world

GDPR compliance and data security

Our AI debt collections dictates based on certain variables when to trigger the skip tracing service. At times we do see a lot of information coming back to us on a case. At all times the data we collect is completely safe and managed by our GDPR policy. 

Maintaining strict security and privacy requirements is our top priority, as a result we are trusted by industry leaders with our digital debt collections service.


Some frequently asked questions

Skip tracing or debtor tracing is commonly used in the debt collection process. However many companies take different approaches. Below are some of the questions we tend to get. If you still want to know more then call us on +44(0)1376 800592 or send us an email to

What Is Skip Tracing in Debt Collection?

Skip-tracing is the process of finding someone who has potentially relocated, has new contact information or otherwise disappeared. Usually, these individuals have relocated or disappeared because they’re hoping to skirt certain responsibilities, such as paying debts. Skip tracing is not quite the same as detective work which can end with an arrest.

Skip tracing is often included in the debt collection process, as it can help creditors find those who owe them money.

Who uses skip tracing?

Like we said before, skip tracing is a tactic used in debt collection for finding certain individuals who owe money. It can be used by collection agents, bailiffs, court enforcement officers and private investigators. 

Most collection agencies have their own staff to perform the debtor trace however there are also a few that outsource it. 

Our experience is the traditional debt collections agencies still use manual collection process. We at DebtCo have developed our own forensic technology to do this direct from our platform, at scale!

How do you get a successful skip trace?

Our skip tracing technology requires us to have some minimum information on the debtor such as name, the last verified address and contact number and possible email address. Invoice dates with the above information helps us to place a time stamp on the individual.

With this information, we try to build a profile of the individual via the public source information we have access to.

Please be advised, whilst skip tracing is used to great effect in establishing contact, it does not guarantee success.

What does it cost me?

Our skip tracing / debtor tracing service comes as part of any of our debt collection services;

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