Business Debt Collections

Do you have invoices that are unpaid and no matter what you do, you are unable to have contact with your client? Well, you are not alone as this is a common issue most companies face.

The DebtCo business debt collections service helps you not only resolve the amounts owed to you but also helps you to re-establish contact with your client.

Our digital debt collections platform enables us to define unique collection strategies no matter how many cases you have. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you improve your cash flow.

How can our debt collection service help your business?

Our service uses the CollectIC digital debt collection platform, which provides a highly specialised and automated debt recovery and collections service.

Whether you are an Enterprise business or a small to medium sized business, we provide an easy-to-use debt collection service which guarantees to boost your recovery rates.

We achieve the result due to the digital automation our CollectIC platform brings to your collections strategy. 

Collection strategies

Every case is different. Every contact person is different. From the more than 26,000 strategies we have developed, we find a collections strategy that is unique to every situation. If we do not have it, we simply learn it.

Onmichannel outreach

We can communicate via any channel your client prefers. Yes we can send letters or make calls, but people prefer the more modern channels of communication. 

Self service options

Our mobile app FinView empowers your clients to take control on their finances. From making payments, setting up their own payment plans to asking a question, FinView gives them full control.

Data enrichment

Getting value out of data is critical. In the event in which your contact persons no longer work at your client, or the contact data is incorrect, we have an enrichment solution that helps us find new information.

Digital payments

No matter where your client is located, we can accept payments globally on more than 135 countries. Via our FinView app or in an email, our payment links are multichannel ready.

Brand protection

Our digital approach always guarantees that we protect your brand. We work with you to ensure the messaging is consistent and never use threatening techniques to resolve a case.

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How do I get started?

Getting started could not be easy, as soon as we have given you access to the CollectIC customer portal, you can upload your cases and let the magic happen.

  • Create your password to CollectIC

    We will send you an email that enables you to gain access to your account.

  • Send us your cases

    You can now upload your debt collection cases direct to us. Either via a file upload or via our upload form.

  • We define the collections strategy

    CollectIC automatically applies the collections strategy for your cases.

  • The communications kick off

    Our intelligent communications kick off to engage with your clients.

  • Track our progress

    To track our progress simply log into your CollectIC customer portal.

Real-time insights

Tracking our progress on your consumer debt collection cases is made easy via the all new FinView Customer portal. We already mentioned you can upload new cases to us however in addition, you can see the events on each case as well as personal updates from our specialists. Finally, you can also access the invoices between you and us.

  • Contact us

Whether you have complex business debt collections or a high volume of low value debt cases, DebtCo can provide you with an all new digital debt collections service that empowers your clients to take control. Get in touch so we can discuss how to help you out.

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