The little app that helps you take back control

Did we contact you with regards to an outstanding balance? Then do not worry, we are here to help.

Using the case number we provided, you can log into our FinView app in your own time. Our app gives you full control on your case. You do not even need to speak with an agent!

Just some of the options available at the touch of a button are;

  • Pay in one go
  • Choose and manage your own plan
  • Have a question? Choose from the many channels to have contact

FinView App Features

We designed FinView to help you better manage outstanding balances you have. At the touch of a button and at a time that suits you, you have complete control over your case. Just some of the options available to you are;

  • Secure sign-up process

FinView is as secure as your online banking app. Secure passwords and Two Factor Authentication ensure your data is protected.

  • Global payment links

We provide multiple different ways to pay from PayPal, bank transfer to local payment links such as iDeal (NL) or Trustly (UK)

  • Case Overview

Once you have logged in, you can easily see the overview of your case including a deep dive on the numbers.

  • Pay in one go

If you simply want to pay the amount then this is no problem. Click the Pay Now button, choose your payment method and complete the transaction. The payment is instantly visible in your case overview.

  • Payment plan options

If you cannot pay in one go then do not stress, FinView allows you to create your own payment plan. Decide the frequency, the amount and click confirm. Once the plan is active, you can monitor via the app, when you want.

  • Communicate anytime

We can understand it if you have questions. In FinView hit the home button and a number of communication options will appear. We usually respond to queries within 24 hours.

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