A few simple steps in registering your account.

Let's get started. Click the FinView link below.

  • Click on 'register'.

After clicking the link or downloading the app from the app store, click the 'Register' button to start the registration process.

If you have already registered, then click 'Log in'.

  • Enter in your DebtCo case number.

Your unique DebtCo case number can be found on the communication we sent to you.

Copy and paste this into the field and then click 'Next'

  • Enter in your email address.

Your email is required so we can send you our secure verification link.

Once entered, click 'Next'

  • Validate your email.

Please confirm your email address by clicking 'Activate' in the email we have sent to you.

You will need to set a password and then click 'Next'

  • Enter your mobile number.

For the final security check you need to enter in your mobile number.

We will then send you a 6 digit verification code.

  • Enter the verification code.

Please enter the your 6 digit verification code and click Next.

For each log in you will need to perform this step. It ensures we keep your account secure at all times.

  • The registration process is complete.