6 Resources Debt Collectors Can Use To Find You

In the digital age, it is certainly impossible to hide your whereabouts from debt collectors. Even if you don’t provide the agency with your number or other contact information, they can still find you. Debt collection agencies use several legal modes to gather information on you. If you are late on your EMIs, the best thing you can do is to talk to the agency and figure out a way to make payments. 

Here are some of the popular resources debt collectors use to find you. 

They can check your original credit card application

When you file out your application for your credit card, you provide all your personal information, such as your current residential address, phone number, income source, job role and other details. Debt collectors can look up this information and use it to contact you if you are late on your debts. 

They can check phone directories

Phone directories may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when looking for information on someone. However, debt collectors can get creative and use them to find you if you are not accessible via the address and contact information provided by you to the bank or the seller. Debt collectors also have access to industry-specific directories and databases that they can use to gather information about you.

They can talk to your friends and family 

Although ‌they cannot share your debt-related information with anyone except your spouse or legal adviser, they can still ask your friends and family about your whereabouts if they cannot contact you by any other means. They only have to ensure that they don’t share that they are debt collectors and share your debt details with them.

They can google you

The idea that someone can find you just by googling your name would sound ridiculous ten years back, but not anymore. The internet has grown tremendously, and with all the social media channels and profiles people have, searching for your name on Google can easily display any public or social media information on you. On social media, they can find relevant information such as your work location, place of residence, and much more. 

They can ask your utility company

Collection agents can also contact local utility companies, such as electricity, gas, and phone companies, to get the information they need. The debt collector can easily find you if you live in the same service area. If you are still using the same company’s services in the new region, they can provide your new address and contact information to the collection agency. 

They can use skip tracers

Skip tracers work with the original creditor’s debt collection department and your technology and traditional techniques to find you. They can look for you physically and through digital mediums such as the internet and calls. 

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