MEMBERSHIP REACTIVATION Reactivate your gym membership

You have been directed to this webpage as you have received a communication from us regarding your membership with your local gym.

Please scroll down to get more information.


Your blocked membership


Our client, who's name you can find on the communication we sent you, has indicated that you have missed a payment(s) on your gym membership.

The team have tried to discuss the missed payment(s) with you, however have struggled to speak directly with you regarding this matter.

As a result, they have temporarily blocked your membership.

They have asked us at DebtCo UK to help them re-establish contact with you. Our objective is to find a suitable solution that brings you back to an active gym membership.


Reactivating your account


As indicated in the communication we sent you, we have agreed with the gym the possibility of reactivating your membership without incurring any fees.

The terms of the proposal are:

  • You agree to reactivating your membership within 15 days of the first communication we sent to you.
  • You pay one months membership immediately to us. Payment options are below.
  • Upon receipt of the payment, we will inform the gym who will re-activate your membership resulting in you being able to re-use the facilities.
  • The remaining months (inclusive the unpaid months) will be reinstated from the reactivation date.
  • That moving forward, you pay your membership on time and, keep an open channel of communication with the gym.


Pay direct to us


You can pay directly to us, via the bank details below. Please be sure to mention your DebtCo Case Number in the description field.

Sort Code: 04-00-75

Account Number: 57725187

Name: Debtco UK Solutions Limited


Pay with Trustly

If you are looking to make a quick bank to bank transfer directly via your banking app then you can use our secure bank to bank transfer link. Trustly is a secure payment environment that is linked directly to your Debtco Case file. By making the payment via the Trustly link, your file is updated instantly.



What if I do not pay?


As we mentioned, the team at your local gym want to see you back at the gym and so are keen to re-activate your membership. However should you decide to not take them up on their offer, then your case will be turned over to our debt collections department.

In the event that this is moved to a collections case, you will be obliged to pay the full remaining amount on your membership. In addition, the gym has the right, under the Late Payments Act of 1998 to claim interest and collection costs.

Together with our client, we want to avoid that this which is why we propose to reactivate your membership. If you are struggling financially, then please have contact with us so we can support you in finding an alternative solution.

You can contact us via our chat, calling us on 01376 800 592 or by filing the below form in.

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