About us

Our Story

Since 2008, we have worked together on a number of different projects! All in the areas of data, telemarketing and sales.

Cheryl & Dylan were building a very successful Telemarketing & Consultancy bureau that was growing at the rate of knots. Meanwhile, Darren was busy working for Dun & Bradstreet which is the global leader in B2B data & analytics.

After many years of drinking coffee or the occasional nice red wine (a shared favourite of ours) we came to a simple observation:

It was time to join forces, create a company that is digital in nature - with innovation motivated by opportunity!

Debtco Team1

So what was that opportunity? After working on a project to drive recovery rates on unrecovered debt, we started to notice something curious:

Ageing and inefficient technologies meant collection agencies struggled to keep up with the ever changing data profiles of consumers, and consumers were demanding more modern & digital solutions

It was time to digitally transform the debt collection process. Time to build a platform that leveraged the very best technologies, data & analytical solutions. Time to redefine the collection process that helps people in a more personable, emphatic way.

We call it ...

Our Mission

Having the ability to create a new collections platform from scratch means we can drive true digital transformation in the collections industry.

With a multi-phased roadmap we will leverage the best data & analytical capabilities all in our One DebtCo Platform. We will focus on personalised programmable conversations, code-driven compliance and a multi-channel digital approach.

All of this will help us to reinvent this space by delivering great consumer experiences that empowers the consumer to regain control of their financial health and eventually help them to better manage their financial future.