The collections platform that delivers you results.

FinView is our cutting-edge debt collection software that combines advanced communication capabilities, robotic automation, and machine learning into a single, integrated platform.

Powerful features

Our debt collection platform is constantly evolving to provide ever-new features and enhancements. We pride ourselves in keeping ahead of the times so we can operate faster and better and deliver you the results you need.

  • Communications

We manage all internal and external communications from one inbox. Making it easy to respond on your cases.

  • Enrichment

When we cannot make contact with your clients, our forensic enrichment service searches for new contact data from a wide variety of public sources.

  • Insights

We take data and turn it into insights in seconds. FinView will provide you your own portal so you are kept up to speed on your cases in real time!

  • Workflows

We build engaging, personal, data driven experiences that engage your clients to take control. From primary communications to payment plans, we have workflows for all situations.

  • Intelligence

Managing data is tricky, FinView comes with its own machine learning standard for importing and handling your data.

  • Templating

Our built in drag and drop template builder is quick and easy to use. Not only do they look modern, they are multi-responsive and multi-lingual.

We make it easy to manage your collections process.

All these features combined into one platform enables us to provide a service at scale. Whether you are a company that has large volumes but small values, or specific single cases, FinView helps us define specific case strategies that has proven to deliver results.

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Self service mobile solutions that empower your clients.

FinView comes with it's own mobile solution! Designed to empower your clients to better managing their finances with direct access to our support teams.

From communicating directly with us, requesting payment links, to arranging their own payment plans. We designed FinView to be the complete self-service app.

  • Available in Apple & Google store as well as online.
  • Provides file overview, contact data, communication channels.
  • Create and self management of payment plans
  • Multiple in app payment methods
FV UK Payment Plan


FinView is also available for companies to license and use as their internal solution for invoice reminding and first level collections. Check out our FinView website to get a detailed overview on what FinView has to offer.

Some of the companies we work with.

Our digital debt collection services work for companies of all shapes and sizes. From startups to to enterprise businesses, we can scale our solution from one case to tens of thousands. 

With so much change on the horizon, why wait before acting on it?

Let us prove to you we can add value to your collections strategy!

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