Between Numbers and Nerves: Understanding Debt’s Emotional Impact

Financial strains like debt extend far beyond our wallets – they affect every area of our emotions and mental lives. When debt becomes part of your reality, its whispers can grow louder over time, impacting our mood, sleep patterns and self-perception in ways you cannot predict or anticipate. However, this serves as a gentle reminder…

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What do I do if I cannot afford my bills?

What do I do if I cannot pay my bills

With energy bills rising and temperatures outside plunging, managing costs is becoming even more difficult. With the average cost of a full tank of petrol costing more than £100 for the first time this year, millions of people are faced with the “eat or heat” choice – forced to choose between eating a meal or…

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Handling Debt Collection Calls: Do’s and Don’ts

Handling Debt Collection Calls

Receiving a debt collection call can easily derail and overwhelm you. However, if you get frightened or emotional on the call, you may say the wrong things, leading to trouble later. Knowing the dos and don’ts of handling a debt collection call is essential to prevent such a situation. Here’s what you need to know…

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How to Protect Against Phoney Debt Collectors and Scams

Debt Collectors

After the pandemic, the number of scams that siphon money off people have increased significantly in the UK. According to Lloyds Bank, the advanced fee scam has doubled over the year, and victims lost an average of 200 pounds. Debt collection fraud is becoming very common and can happen to anyone. Knowing how to protect…

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What Should I Know If I Have Debts in Collection?

What should I know if I have debts

There can be common instances when you have fallen behind on your debts or bills. It becomes a problem when your debt reaches collection. Businesses use third-party agencies to manage their collections, and you may have to deal with them regarding your unpaid invoice or debt. But don’t panic and don’t ignore the debt collectors…

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Debt Collection FAQs

DebtCo FAQ

One call ‌no one wishes to attend is often from a debt collector. However, it is more common than you know for people not to pay their debts on time and receive a call from collections. If you are in such a situation, there is nothing to worry about. Knowing more about debt collection and…

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Facts You Need to Know About Debt Collection

No one likes to hear from a debt collector. If you have unpaid bills, you will likely get that call sooner or later. There is a significant reason people don’t like debt collection agencies’ tactics; they are stress-inducing. There are a few things that debt collectors in the UK never tell you. These can help…

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