How to resolve your unpaid membership with Hygear Fit?

You have been directed to this webpage as you have received a communication from us regarding your unpaid membership with Hygear Fit.

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The team at Hygear Fit have tried to have contact with you with regards to the unpaid balance on your membership.

They have temporarily blocked your membership, and despite trying to speak with you to resolve this, have failed in their attempts to speak with you.

They have asked us at DebtCo to help them get in contact with you, and find a solution to resolve this situation.

  • Ways to resolve

Our goal is to help you resolve your unpaid membership with Hygear. Your FinView account provides a number of ways to resolve from paying in full, via a plan or filing a dispute.

Log into your account using your DebtCo case number and choose from one the following options.

  • Pay in one go
  • Pay in instalments
  • Ask a question
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  • Pay in one go

The fastest way to resolve your account is to pay in one go. Log in and select pay now where you will be directed to our payment link.

  • Pay in instalments

Can't afford to pay all at once? No problem, setup your own payment plan via our FinView app.

  • Ask a question

Do not recognise the amount, not your account or you have a question? Register a ticket with us and we will investigate on your behalf.

  • Can I pay directly to Hygear?

Yes. You can transfer the membership direct to Hygear Inc. The details you can find below:

  • Bank: CHASE
  • Account name: Hygear INC
  • Account number: 282938676
  • Routing number: 322271627
  • SWIFT number: CHASUS3390038
  • Address: P.O. Box 15123. Wilmington. DE 19850-5123
  • What if I do not pay?

The team at Hygear are keen to reactivate your membership so you can get back to achieving your fitness targets with the Hygear app. This can only be done when the outstanding amount is paid.

In the event in which we are not able to close the case, Hygear reserves the right to pass your unpaid membership to a debt collector. This can result additional late payment fees and interests being added to the case.

Of course we want to avoid this and so encourage you to log into FinView where you can find solutions to resolve this yourself.

  • How can I contact Hygear directly?

Below you can find the options in which to have contact with Hygear directly. In the event in which you reactivate your membership or settle the outstanding amount, Hygear will send us a signal to close the case in our system.

Hygear Email

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Hygear help center

  • Or contact us directly

You can contact us either via the channels below or, click the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to chat directly with us or via Kevin, our virtual assistant.

Alternatively, fill the form and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.


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