Facts You Need to Know About Debt Collection

No one likes to hear from a debt collector. If you have unpaid bills, you will likely get that call sooner or later. There is a significant reason people don’t like debt collection agencies’ tactics; they are stress-inducing. There are a few things that debt collectors in the UK never tell you. These can help you deal with your debt problems better and resolve them timely. 

Here are some facts about online debt collection

A debt collector can’t call you at your workplace

If you don’t want to pick up calls from your debt collectors at the office, you have the right to do so. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if you inform your collection agency that you cannot pick up their calls at the office, they cannot call you. There are a few exceptions to this rule including:

  • They can call you to ask for your home address or number if they don’t have it. 
  • They can make one attempt at collecting the debt.
  • To confirm your employment, title, and business address from your employer. 

You can ask debt collectors to contact you only in writing

If you are someone who doesn’t like to have long phone conversations or doesn’t want to be disturbed by phone calls, you can ask the small business debt collection agency to contact you only through written mediums such as emails, texts, and letters. 

Debt collectors can contact you on a Sunday

Yes, you read that right. Debt collection agencies are legally allowed to contact you on a Sunday. However, there are certain limitations. They can only call you between 1 to 5 PM. During the rest of the week, the agency can contact you anywhere between 7 am to 9 pm for debt collection purposes. 

They cannot reveal your debts to others

If a collection agency threatens you with a public revelation of your debts, you can sue them. A debt collection agency can only discuss your debts with you, your spouse, and your attorney. However, they cannot tell your neighbors, friends, or co-workers about it. 

Debt collectors are under pressure too

Many people feel debt collectors are unnecessarily forceful and insistent when asking you to pay your debts. However, there is a reason behind that. Debt collection services also have a timeline within which they need to collect the money. Otherwise, it goes to the creditors. Therefore, you can get more time to pay your debts entirely by making partial payments. You can also ask them to settle for a lower amount than what you owe if you make immediate payments. 

They may have to sue you

If you are unwilling to pay, the debt collection agency can sue you to liquidate your assets and collect the money. However, most collection agencies keep legal actions as a last resort and try to collect the money without taking things that far. 

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