FinView is now available to download in both the Google and Apple app stores.

We are proud to announce that we have just launched the FinView app in the stores of both Google and Apple.


This release marks a significant milestone in our digital transformation of the AI debt collections industry. An idea that was formed a year ago, FinView started off as an experiment to see whether individuals in financial difficulties would embrace this new self-service approach to managing their outstanding debts.


We first launched an online version of FinView to test the waters. The results were surprising with a sharp rise in early adoption. More than 90% of payment plans were made via FinView which resulted in an 80% decrease of manual activity. Answering emails, responding to chats, or handling calls all suddenly disappeared as people embraced a whole new approach.


But aside from the statistics, the real value comes from the feedback of our users. It is well known that individuals in financial difficulty find the process of engaging with a debt collections agency a stressful one. From being embarrassed to talk about their personal situation to concerned about being bullied and harassed, the traditional debt collections process is the second most complained financial service and for good reason.


The feedback was the app is easy to use and helps them to manage it themselves. More importantly, it helps remove the stress of having to make contact which is exactly what we were aiming to achieve.


Together with our focus on new digital channels and conversation AI technology, FinView is a part of the total digital collections service DebtCo offers. FinView v1 is the start of a roadmap that will see us add more support services. In a time when the cost-of-living crisis is creating huge challenges across the world, the timing of this launch is perfect.


More information on our FinView solution can be found here;

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