What to Do When Customers Won’t Pay Their Bill

You’ve done the work, sent the invoice, and now it’s time to get paid. But what do you do when your customer refuses to pay their bill? While it can be frustrating, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the situation. Read on for what to do when customers won’t pay their bills.

Understand why the customer may not pay their bill

When a customer does not pay their bill, it can be for a variety of reasons. It is important to understand why the customer may not pay to properly address the issue.

Generally, customers may not pay because of financial issues, a misunderstanding of billing terms or incorrect invoices, or communication gaps.

Before taking further action, take the time to analyse the situation and see if you can work something out with the customer. Understanding why an unresolved payment exists helps create an effective resolution that benefits both parties involved.

Talk to the customer and try to make them agree to pay

With customers who are delinquent on their payments, the most important thing to do is to have a professional and courteous conversation with them.

By communicating with them kindly, you open up a dialogue that promotes understanding and makes it more likely that both parties can agree to pay.

It is always best to be empathetic, as your objective should be not just to get the money owed, but also to maintain the relationship between you and your customer.

This way, everyone will be happy in the end.

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If the customer still will not or cannot pay their bill, consider taking legal action

If your customer doesn't pay their bill, it’s important to first make sure they are aware of the bill, including the consequences of not paying.

Consider informing them through multiple channels — physical mail, email, phone calls and other communication methods, to get the message to them accurately.

However, if all other measures have been taken and the customer still will not or cannot pay their bill, it may be time to consider taking legal action; a process which can help you reclaim what is rightfully yours.

Tip: Remember that it’s best to seek professional legal advice from an attorney before initiating this step.

Get help from a collections agency if you are struggling to collect payment yourself

Running a business means you are responsible for all aspects of the operation and that includes managing payments. When customers refuse to pay, it can be a frustrating experience.

To help ease your burden and get payment promptly, consider enlisting the help of an experienced collections agency. They have the right resources, methods of enforcement, and expertise necessary to retrieve the funds you are owed quickly and securely.

Working with them could be your best bet for collecting overdue money without disrupting the customer relationships you’ve worked so hard to build over the years.

Take steps to prevent non-payment in the future

One of the most significant steps a business can take to prevent their customers from not paying their bills is to require a deposit upfront. By collecting a portion or the entirety of payment upfront, businesses reduce the risk of non-payment when it comes time for service completion and billing.

Another way to reduce the risk of late payments would be to send friendly reminders to customers before the due date. This often serves as a reminder and an incentive to pay on time. Both strategies are effective representations of good customer service while providing businesses with more peace of mind regarding bill payments.

No business owner wants to deal with customers who won’t pay their bills, but it is unfortunately an unavoidable reality. By taking the steps above and understanding the situation from the customer's perspective, businesses can find solutions that work for them and the customer.

It's important to be firm when necessary and take legal action if appropriate; however, both parties should still strive for an amicable resolution. Of course, prevention is always better than a cure, so using collection services or requiring deposits beforehand can help reduce instances of non-payment in the future. With these strategies, businesses can stay financially sound without needing to go through costly legal disputes.

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