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London Debt Collections Agency with a focus on digital debt recovery solutions

At DebtCo, we understand the challenges faced by businesses when it comes to managing recovery of debt. Our central London-based digital debt collections experts and professionals strive to maintain client relationships and offer tailored debt collection solutions. We do this through the use of our own platform that combines machine learning with an intuitive self-serve digital experience that improves debt collection for businesses.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Our London debt collections specialists possess in-depth knowledge of UK financial regulations and cutting-edge technologies, which helps maximise recovery rates while shortening collection times for outstanding debts.

Transparent & Ethical Practices

We at DebtCo London Debt Collections Agency adhere to the highest standards of ethical and transparent conduct when collecting overdue bills and recovering them for you. It is important that your reputation remain unaffected while we are doing so.

Bespoke Solutions

Recognising that every business has unique debt recovery needs, we develop tailored solutions tailored specifically to fit the requirements of each of our customers, to provide the most effective strategy.

Data-Driven Approach

Advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms help us identify patterns and trends in debt collection, which allows us to continuously refine our processes and provide the most impactful solutions for our clients.

Client-Focused Service

Your success is our top priority, so we work closely with you to create and implement a customized recovery plan, keeping you updated throughout.

Our FinView platform is digitally transforming London debt collections.

FinView was designed to help us automate the debt collections processes. We use machine learning to help us improve data quality, when to communicate to clients, via what channel and at what time.

The FinView app is the complete self service app that empowers your clients to take full control on their unpaid accounts.

+45% improvement in collection rates

+26,000 ML taught collection strategies

80% automation versus traditional collections processes

AI digital debt collection agency In UK

Just some of our London debt collections strategies

DebtCo, an award-winning London collection agency, is dedicated to ensuring that debts are recovered quickly and effectively for both individuals and companies. Our debt collectors are experts in custom-made solutions that meet the needs of our clients. With experience collecting low-value portfolios and previously pursued uncollected accounts, we ensure a comprehensive resolution.

DebtCo, a London Debt Collection Agency dedicated to its goal-driven collections process, specialises in recovering outstanding invoices and preventing future overdue payments. Offering our services to both SMEs and large enterprises alike, our tailored collections and recovery experiences increase engagement by adapting each stage of customer journey journeys accordingly.

DebtCo puts customer needs first by offering self-service options, flexible payment methods, and ethical interactions. Through its innovative digital collections platform FinView App, customers have full control of the debt resolution process to ensure a customer-first approach.

Debt collection agencies typically avoid handling smaller cases such as gym memberships and online subscriptions due to their lower value, high volume, and labor intensive nature. DebtCo's FinView platform, equipped with its own self-service app, enables us to efficiently manage any volume s of cases through an automated collections process.

ebtCo's international debt collection service streamlines global debt recovery with our skilled team's adept management of cross-border cases, legal systems, languages and cultures. Leveraging advanced technology solutions we create efficient debt collection while building positive client relationships worldwide.

Some of the companies we work with.

DebtCo, a London-based debt collection agency serving both Europe and the UK, offers skilled collectors and debt recovery expertise that help resolve financial hardships for debtors while returning them to financial security. Our AI-powered digital debt collection services scale seamlessly from single cases up to hundreds or even thousands.

So how does it work? We integrate, learn and then act!


Getting started with us is easy. Send us your cases either via our upload form, a file of your choice or use our REST API that connects to our platform. CollectIC takes the data and immediately starts to cleanse, match and enrich your data to improve the change of success.


From the more than 26,000 collection strategies CollectIC has learnt since it launched in 2021, it places your case strategically in one that matches based on the profile you submitted.


Our workflows start to establish contact with your client via whatever channel of communication they prefer. 


Once contact is established, we empower your clients to take control. Via our FinView app, your clients can make payments, create their own payment plans and even communicate directly with our team.

24/7 support

More than 80% of the cases we handle are resolved using our app FinView. However for the clients that simply want to chat with us and have contact, we have a dedicated team of support agents who are not target driven, are there simply to help.


On all your cases we provide you with a portal that updates you on our progress. As we collect payments to handling case queries, we provide you real time feedback so you are always up to date.

DebtCo is leading the way towards digitisation and automation of debt collections with our state-of-the-art dat-driven debt collection platform.

As the debt collection industry undergoes rapid transformation, DebtCo is actively adapting. Our FinView platform integrates machine learning and mobile technologies for an enhanced self-service experience resulting in increased recovery rates for our clients.

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Frequently asked Questions About AI Debt Collection Agency

I only have one case, can you help me?

Yes. We offer the DebtCo Online Debt Collection services. If you are a business or an individual, this service enables you to quickly send us your case via our online service. 

Check out how the online debt collection service works.

Online debt collections ⮕

What is digital debt collections?

We have developed our own platform called CollectIC. This is a digital collections platform that uses technology combined with mobile apps to deliver digital experiences to companies and individuals in financial stress. 

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes. We have developed the first debt collections app that supports your clients. This self-service app provides your clients with the ability to pay in full, create their own payment as well as raise a question.

Check our FinView here ⮕

Do you provide debt collection for business?

We have a specific service that helps enterprise business with their debt collections as well as invoice reminding needs.

More information can be found here:

Business debt collections ⮕

I am a one man business, can you help me?

Yes. DebtCo offers a specific service for small business which still uses the same ai debt collections strategy we apply for our enterprise clients.

Check out our debt collection for small business service here ⮕

Do you operate in the UK?

DebtCo is an international digital debt collector and yes we are a debt collectors UK service. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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What is your fee?

Our experience is that all portfolios are different requiring different collections strategies. Get in touch via the form below so we can share our competitive fee.

How can you help my business?

If you are located in the Greater London district, we can help improve your recovery rates with our London Debt Collections agency service. Get in touch with us to learn how!

Still got some questions?

Get in touch with us via the below options. One of our agents will get in touch with you to better understand how we can support you with your online debt collection strategy.

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Whether you have complex business debt collections or a high volume of low-value debt cases, DebtCo can provide you with an all-new digital debt collections service that empowers your clients to take control. Get in touch so we can discuss how to help you out.


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